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Project Caverna is a media literacy laboratory where journalism and art meet, with the goal of experimenting new formats of media literacy. The project is one of the winners of Uutisraivaaja 2021 -competition, where the foundation for the biggest Finnish newspapaer, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation (FIN), chose five innovative journalistic projects.

During eight months the two-headed Project Caverna team produced three short documentaries about disinformation, misinformation, fake news and the dangers they bring to democratic societies. In addition, we arranged eight workshops for 9th graders in Päivälehti Museum in Helsinki (FIN, and Vapriikki Museum, Tampere (FIN). Based on this experience, we gathered an educational material package for teachers and educators on how to combat the fight against disinformation from a new perspective.The material is available at the website of Finnish Association for Media Literacy.

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